Asian Cricket Council Level 1 Women’s Coaching Course - Lahore #PCB

Asian Cricket Council Level 1 Women’s Coaching Course - Lahore #PCB

Category: News Published on: 15-Oct-2019

#Kuwait #Cricket (KC) is delighted to announce that Ms #Awatif Al #Qallaf who is a Board Member of #KC and a former National Shooting Champion of Kuwait along with Miss #Khadija who is one of the Senior most players of Kuwait National Women’s team are Traveling to Pakistan - Lahore #PCB to attend ACC Level 1 Women’s Coaching Course from Oct 16 to Oct 20, 2019 organized by the Asian Cricket Council in collaboration with the Pakistan Cricket Board.

This is a huge milestone for #KC as for the first time in the history of Kuwait’s cricket, a national lady (Ms Awatif - a renowned name in International Sports - Shooting Champion) is going to participate in a level 1 cricket coaching course and the entire fraternity is extremely hopeful that this is bound to inspire a generation of national girls to come forward and take up the game of cricket at an early age.

#KC is focused on establishing a strong domestic structure for women’s cricket in order to compete with other nations in the region & beyond..and would like all the fans and followers to spread the news of an exclusive talent hunt for women’s which is scheduled to take place in November (15th & 16th) and the marketing campaign for the talent hunt will commence from tomorrow (16th November).