Kuwait Cricket vs British Embassy

Kuwait Cricket vs British Embassy

Category: News Published on: 22-May-2021

Kuwait Cricket vs British Embassy

Continuing the tradition of an annual T-20 festival match between Kuwait Cricket and the British Embassy (with an exception of missing out last year due to the pandemic), officials and players from both sides are scheduled to play on Saturday 22nd of May 3pm at Sulaibiya Cricket Ground. 

Kuwait Cricket team will comprise of National Players (Kuwaitis only) who are gearing up for Asian Games (China 2022) along with KC officials. 

British Embassy will have players from their political section, trade section and military attaches to make the most of this festival match. 

Kuwait Cricket would like to extend this invitation to the entire fraternity as well as the British Community residing in Kuwait to come forward and witness a game of cricket on the grass banks of Sulaibiya Cricket and enjoy a hot sunny day (as desired back home -  whilst the temperatures are still under control :-) with families and friends - maintaining social distancing etc (Covid guidelines). 

Sulaibiya Cricket ground has had the privilege of hosting the former PM of England - Sir John Major during his last memorable visit to Kuwait and it was the President of Kuwait Cricket Mr. Haider Farman who did the honors. 

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