Kuwait Cricket TACK Desert Grounds Upgradation

Kuwait Cricket TACK Desert Grounds Upgradation

Category: News Published on: 07-Nov-2020


Kuwait Cricket Board as the official governing body for the game of cricket in kuwait under the umbrella of Public Authority of Sport and Kuwait Olympic Committee has started the repair and maintenance work of it’s KC desert grounds in Sulaibikhat under the supervision of it’s General Secretary Emad Al Jassam with KC-TACK 3 being one of the first grounds to be given an uplift with full maintenance work next to the beautiful seashore of Sulaibikhat where Kuwait Cricket Club has the official hub of it’s desert grounds and all grounds have now been officially numbered with the public authorities and name plates are being made ??? ??

All affliated centers to Kuwait Cricket Club are strictly advised to contact Kuwait Cricket facilities management and govt. affairs / legal department as part of the protocol before commencing with any work on any desert ground from here on in order to obtain the required authorization / approvals from Kuwait Cricket Club in line with the environment and municipality authorities as otherwise there will be heavy penalties and fines from the government authorities and Kuwait Cricket Club will not take any responsibility of any unauthorized activity without any license of any individual / group as part of the mandate ???

Let’s continue to develop and grow the game of cricket in Kuwait....TOGETHER!!! ???????????????????????? And Kuwait Cricket is always there to provide you all with the required support and assistance ????????????